The MCSA promotes the sustainable use of our mountain resources, and facilitates access to our natural heritage in a friendly and supportive manner, through:

Walking & Hiking

The Club organises walks and hikes in a variety of different settings ranging from the beach to the forests and mountains. These vary in length from day outings to multi-day / weekend excursions and are arranged throughout the Western Cape but primarily along the Garden Route and in the adjoining Outeniqua, Tsitsikamma, Langeberg, Swartberg and Kammanassie mountains.

Rock climbing

All forms of climbing are encouraged and from time to time these will be offered on our meet schedule.

Mossel Bay Rock Climbing

Additional to our club’s activities, Mossel Bay also offers rock climbing opportunities.

For more information, please study the available guide (click here: Mossel Bay Rock Climbing Guide).

Mountain Rescue

We do not have an active Search and Rescue component attached to our club but there is a separate unit based nearby. Anyone wishing to join a Mountain Rescue unit in the area should make contact with the Garden Route Mountain Rescue Team.

Social Evenings

A monthly meeting is held on the first Thursday of every month where members gather to socialise and listen to a guest speaker who normally makes a slide presentation on a mountain-related issue or topic. This is followed by a light supper. Notice of these events is communicated to members and there is a nominal charge for these evenings.


Many of our members are actively involved in conservation initiatives along the Garden Route and further afield. The club offers an opportunity to exchange ideas and get involved with like-minded individuals.