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Morris Point to Groot Jongensfontein | 21 January

2023-01-26T14:50:31+02:00January 26th, 2023|Meet Reports|

Already three weeks into the new year it was definitely time to start walking off any remaining excesses of the festive season. A gentle start to what is hoped to be a varied and interesting hiking season for the club. Romy, Mike, Cheryl and Greg duly met up with Gary and Sandy at the parking [...]

Heynssepiek & Teewaterberg | 13 November

2023-01-26T14:52:03+02:00December 11th, 2022|Meet Reports|

Most members of our section are familiar with the “Doringrivier Circuit” hike, shown in the image below in yellow. Today’s hike started in the same way, but instead of turning north to cross the Groot Doringrivier we turned south. From here we were off path and exploring an unknown route to the peak hosting a [...]

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National Camp 2022 Report | 14-22 October

2022-11-07T15:21:40+02:00November 7th, 2022|Meet Reports|

The South Cape Section last hosted the Annual National Camp in 2013 and this year, it was again our honour to welcome MCSA members from far and wide! For a well compiled update on the week's events, click here: National Camp 2022 Report).

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Camdeboo Mountains | 1-5 October

2022-10-17T15:28:15+02:00October 17th, 2022|Meet Reports|

Hiking in the real Camdeboo mountains has been on my list for many years. It is one of those iconic areas of the Karoo, to the west of Graaff Reinet, that you often read about, see on maps and see the road signs when you drive past. But it is a hidden area and, like [...]

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Kranshoek Coastal Clean up | 17 September

2022-09-26T13:26:19+02:00September 26th, 2022|Meet Reports|

Our Group: Jude and Brian Cobern, Tim and Kim Gaskell, Ed and Mimi Shuttleworth, Som and Pierre Kruse, Jeremy Lister-James (visitor) and Themba (Sanparks ranger who retrieved piles of plastics) Ten hikers joined this international Coastal clean up event as part of the team of volunteers organised by Sanparks and SANPark honorary rangers. We did [...]

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Bergfontein Hack | 10 September

2022-09-26T12:43:08+02:00September 26th, 2022|Meet Reports|

Despite having made good inroads into the hakea infestation of the Bergfontein valley in our well-attended March and June 2021 hacks, there was still plenty more of the aggressive Australian invader, hakea sericea, remaining. Black wattles, although more confined to lower altitude areas, also remain a threat to the valley. So, before 2022 ran out [...]

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Skurwekop (in the shadow of Cradock Peak) | 21 August

2022-08-29T11:21:07+02:00August 29th, 2022|Meet Reports|

Approaching George from Sedgefield along the N2, Cradock Peak dominates the skyline and holds court over the lesser masses grouped around it. Together they form a formidable backdrop to the City of George and exude a beckoning call to any self-respecting hiker making his way along the National highway. One of the lesser masses forming [...]

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Uitkykkop, Sonderend Mountains | 6-9 August

2022-08-12T13:49:47+02:00August 12th, 2022|Meet Reports|

A modern-day mission to climb a ‘lookout’ and discover “Grace from Above “. At 1465 metres Uitkykkop (pronounced eightkickkop) ranks as the 273rd highest peak in the Western Cape. I’ve had an inkling for a while now that calling it a mere “kop” was both somewhat demeaning and inaccurate. This weekend has been brewing for [...]

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Doring River Valley Peak extension | 16 July 2022

2022-07-22T15:36:10+02:00July 22nd, 2022|Meet Reports|

As promised the South Cape weather delivered another cracking Winters Day of sunshine and warmth allowing our members to escape into the mountains and explore. Today 6 of us gathered at the usual Waboomskraal parking spot at 0830 and without much delay we were heading up the track to the Cape Nature Doring River Valley [...]

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Van Dalens Peak | 9 July 2022

2022-07-11T11:01:52+02:00July 11th, 2022|Meet Reports|

The weather forecasters couldn’t make their minds up about Sunday’s weather so at short notice this meet was brought forward by 24 hours. The result was a splendid 6 hours roaming the hills above George in wonderful summer temperatures courtesy of the Berg wind blowing in from the North. The highest point of the walk [...]

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