I regret and was confused and a bit angry about the planned hike last Saturday (18th January) due to the rain and many cancellations. Friday afternoon (24th January), I suddenly had the idea of still doing it, although the tide in the afternoon was wrong – springtide high.

So I contacted Fred, as I had no contacts anymore. Four hiking companions turned up: from L to R: Sandy Louw, Clive Louw, Hans van Ameyde (meet leader), Maretha Alant and Fred van Berkel (photographer).

We left at 09h00 from the mouth of the Groot River which crossing was easy as it was very low tide.

After our coffee break on “Pig’s Head” we went the usual Tsitsikamma Trail up to the point where we turned off to Kovie. The weather was sunny and warm.

We then went through the bush and the mountain bike trail to find the small trail to the coast. Clive found a widened fishermen trail to the coast, but I stuck to my well-known trail to reach the coast. We met again at our well-known lunch spot.

We left quite early, may be because of fear for the spring tide, to reach the end of the trail around 15h00!

Thanks to local tourists some of us got help to cross the river, particularly our backpacks by canoe. I saw a big  problem for me due to my weak legs, drift sand and a very strong incoming current!

Two ladies noticed my problem and volunteered to support me and help me to cross the river.

Obviously, I gave them a big hug and kiss (on the cheek) as I appreciated their help so much.

After all, a beautiful day to spend in that area including beautiful weather.

Hans van Ameyde – meet leader