We spent four days in the Swartberg camping near the old shelter on the path to Towerkop. Four members participated, Greg Devine, Cheryl Devine, Johann Schwarz and myself Gillian Forbes.

The first day we backpacked up to the shelter and set up camp. The second day we set off up the mountain to the first level – Nels cave and enjoyed the lovely views. From there we followed the path up the scree to the second and then on to the third level – the base of climbing routes.

Johann and myself then completed the walk to Toorkop, while Greg and Cheryl returned to camp. On day three we explored the Toorkloof Gorge on the west side of Towerkop.

Cheryl and Greg admiring the view

Johann in the window between Nells buttress and Towerkop

Third level of Towerkop and view of Elandsberg

Gillian and Johann at Toorkop –  Towerkop in the background

Johann and Towerkop

MCSA Stellenbosh members on lower level – Nels cave

Toorkloof Gorge

Toorkloof Gorge from the far side

Returning to camp

A great experience!

Meet Leader ~ Gillian Forbes