Our Group: Jude and Brian Cobern, Tim and Kim Gaskell, Ed and Mimi Shuttleworth, Som and Pierre Kruse, Jeremy Lister-James (visitor) and Themba (Sanparks ranger who retrieved piles of plastics)

Ten hikers joined this international Coastal clean up event as part of the team of volunteers organised by Sanparks and SANPark honorary rangers. We did the Kranshoek coastal hike, picking up any plastic, rope and rubbish we found along the way. The rest of the volunteers focused on the end of the path where most plastic gets washed up.

Time for a quick snack before we start collecting

Themba and Kim scouring rockpools and gulleys

Brian and a bag full of rubbish

Enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way

The rest of the volunteers at the other end of the trail

Truck load full of plastic collected along this beautiful coast line. A reminder to all of us to keep collecting on our coastal hikes!

Meet Leader ~ Karin van Niekerk