The group of 14 assembled near Nautical South restaurant: David Proctor (leader), Stewart and Christine Stiles, Janet Moore, Tony and Evie Bowen , Jeremy and Alex Lister James (all MCSA), Marge Webb, Janet Taplin, Norman Neville, Alison Fletcher, Annette van Wyk.

This hike entails some clambering up and down rocks, and careful walking along narrow fisherman paths on steep ridges to get from one scenic beach to the next.

Weather and tides were perfect and, walking eastwards, we reached the midden cave in less than an hour. There were signs of water mongoose, porcupine and clawless otter that evidently get fresh water from the cave drips, as did the human inhabitants. A scenic beach later we turned and worked our way back to Jaap se Baai and up to the cars. The fossil footprint overhang en route was filled with sand, and no fossils could be seen. The day ended in song back at Nautical South. Thank you to all who walked this one. The pics below tell the story.