I finally dragged myself to my laptop to write this report and now I am looking everywhere for some inspiration. It is very easy to write a bland report, like “We started out. X, Y and Z were there. It was a nice walk. No one got killed or lost. The End” But one tries to make it more interesting.

So here I sit and Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry, has failed to move me. It is going to be another boring report.

The hike itself wasn’t boring, in fact it was pretty good. Some people even turned up for it, namely Tim and Kim Gaskell, Janet Moore, Evie and Tony Bowen, Sandy Louw, Cheryl Devine and her better half, behind the camera.

We added a bit to the standard route by going up to the cross and taking the new Sungazer trail to join up with the Tunnelbos path. Evie and Tony turned back near the Fern Forest, but the rest of us pushed bravely on. Several tea-stops were had, as promised, and we didn’t walk back on the railway line. No one got killed or lost.

Forest Hobbits crossing a stream.

Keeping up the visual pollution tradition.

Meet Leader ~ Greg Devine